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Running the sample application

Beside the Ncqrs framework itself, the project also contains a small sample application. This sample application gives you a nice overview of a project that contains all the main elements of the (n)cqrs based application. It contains a command service, domain, event store, event bus, denormalizer, and a simple read model.

Steps to get it running

To run the sample application you need Visual Studio 2010 and Code Contracts. If you have that installed, it will not take you more than 5 minutes to get the sample application running; otherwise, I'll buy you a beer!

Get and build the source

  1. First download the latest version of the source code here and unpack.
  2. Open the solution Ncqrs.sln that is located in the /trunk/src/ directory.
  3. After the solution opened you should compile the solution.
  4. Make sure everything compiled correctly and that there where no build errors.

Get and run MongoDB

  1. Download MongoDB 1.4.0 for windows here.
  2. Unpack all the content in the bin folder to c:\mongodb\.
  3. Create the following folder c:\data\db
  4. Start a Command Shell (cmd.exe) and cd to c:\mongodb\.
  5. Now enter mongod.exe and hit enter.

Run it!

  1. Set Sample.UI as startup project.
  2. Now you can just run the Sample.UI by hitting F5 in Visual Studio.

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