Multiple people requested this and it’s now official, the source code of Ncqrs has been moved to GitHub. Thanks to Tjeerd Hans Terpsta for migrating the source repository from Mercurial to Git without loosing any history. We also moved to Google Groups for discussions, since GitHub does not provide a discussion board.

Since we moved to Git Arnis Lapsa already wrote a SQLite event store and Chris Chilvers fixed a bug. We encourage users fork Ncqrs code, make changes, commit them to your forked repository, and submit pull requests.

New URLs

New to Git?

If you are new to Git, I recommend watching the video of the Google TechTalk about Git from Randal Schwartz. Also Jason Meridth posted a great series called Git For Windows Developers.

Project Description

Blog advertentionNcqrs is a framework for .NET helps build scalable, extensible and maintainable applications by supporting developers apply the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) architectural pattern. It does so by providing an infrastructure and implementations for the most important building blocks for command handling, domain modeling, event sourcing, and so. These building blocks help you to focus on the code that adds business value. They come with annotation, convention and configuration support and help you to write isolated and testable.


  • Rich components to support a full CQRS architecture
  • Command mapping
  • Domain event mapping
  • Event sourcing
  • Event storage with MSSQL, Azure or MongoDB support
  • Sample application
  • Easy to extend!

Running the sample application

There is a little sample application that you can explore to see how Ncqrs works. Read the quick readme here: Running the sample application

The mother MyShop

In the last quarter of 2009 we implemented a CQRS reference architecture with the name MyShop. This implementation is the mother of the Ncqrs Framework. We created the framework out of that CQRS architecture implementation. For more information about MyShop, see the MyShop project page at myshop.codeplex.com.


You can read the reference documentation and you can follow the stream of posts on our blog.

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